Sunday, April 29, 2007

My week went by ever-so-slowly. David was out of town from Monday until Thursday night. If you know us, you know that this was very difficult for both of us. We are that sappy married couple that can't get enough of each other. We love our time together and do not love our time apart. So, Monday he went with me to drop Emma off at school and then Jacob and I took him to the airport. Jacob cried. I am not sure if he understood what was going on or if he was just feeding off of my emotions. Airport departures are so sad for me!
Skip over to Thursday. David tried to catch an earlier flight home. Could not. My sister-in-law and David's brother have twin boys just one month younger than Jacob. They were in a little program with their Mother's Day Out and it was hilarious! Little two-year-olds on a stage are always funny. When you know them, they seem 100 times funnier! It was the cutest thing. David sent me a text saying that I would have to add another 20 minutes to his arrival time. That put us at 9:30. Ugh, our kids crash by 8:30. And when I say "crash" I mean they can go totally ballistic and act like the bad kids you see screaming in store or restaurant.They like their schedule. So, we had dinner and visited with my Granny and then picked David up at around 10:00.( Yes, later than they told him he would be landing in Dallas.) We had made a Welcome Home sign and Emma was so eager to hold it up for him. Jacob was out like a light.
Yesterday we went riding bikes with my cousin Lance, his wife Angela, and their daughter Avery. We have a bike trailer/stroller and David lugged all the kids in that thing! It was funny. Our kids love the trailer, but it was Avery's first time. She cried all the way to the park. Poor kid. I wish I had a picture of all of them in the trailer!
Today is Sunday and we will have our sweet homegroup tonight. They are such a blessing and we just love our group. We will be bringing the salad and bread tonight, so wish me luck with preparing the salad. Cooking/making food for large groups of people kinda stresses me out.
I am sorry this is boring! I will post some pictures that Emma took a couple weeks ago. She loves the other side of the camera as well!!

Happy Sunday!

Below are this Friday's Roses. A very pretty orange color!

Emma's Photo#1

Emma's Photo#2

Emma's Photo #3

Emma's Photo #4

Our Welcome Home sign for David:)

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