Sunday, October 28, 2007

Read This Right Now:) have got to go here to see if you are a charismaniac!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Martha Stewart, I am not

I see from the poll that someone roasts the pumpkin seeds from their pumpkins. I need to know how to do this:) Emma wants to do this at home, as Thursday they are going to roast the seeds from the pumpkin they carved on Tuesday. Can you help me? I am really good at following instructions, I just need them:)
Thanks in advance!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome Trevin Matthew Kersey to the World!!

Our sweet friends, Kristi and Michael Kersey, had their little baby boy on Monday. Please, check them out here.
Congratulations Michael and Kristi!! He is a cutie!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

David Vacuums and Cleans and Makes my Day

So, this morning my amazing husband made everyone breakfast. EVERYONE. Without anyone asking him to. He just did it because he loves us. Then, he got the vacuum out and started vacuuming. UPSTAIRS. My least favorite place to vacuum is the stairs and Upstairs. It is a difficult task hauling that thing up each step as I vacuum the ones ahead. But he did it. Without my asking and without any hesitation. THEN, he called Emma up to her room. The two of them cleaned her room in complete harmony. Unlike when I force, I mean try, to get Emma to clean her room. She was actually excited about cleaning her room. I was in disbelief. After her room was completely picked up, he sent her down to get Jacob while her sweet daddy vacuumed her room. Jacob and David then proceeded to clean his room...which was not as destroyed due to his crazy tendencies to pick up his room before he goes to bed. It's awesome, rare-but awesome. Then all three of them cleaned the playrooms. They were then vacuumed. And life, my friends, is very good. It is soooo the little things that make my day. My day had been made...(Which reminds me, David also made the bed this morning!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Campbell Happenings

It's been a while since my last post. So many wonderful things have happened lately in our lives. The kids have started school again, giving me three glorious hours to myself on Thursdays. Emma is in heaven at school. She loves her friends and adores her teachers. She is full of excitement going to school and returning home as she shares stories of her day. I love that about her. Jacob, well he is another story. I have learned that if I am the first to drop him off he is fine. If I am a teen-tiny bit later, there are crying kids at the door and he doesn't want to be left out:) Actually, last week he went in happily even as another child was crying. Progress:)
A couple of weeks ago our little family went to the Hyatt Resort Lost Pines. Look it up people. Go there with your family and enjoy every minute of it. It was so fun, and I am so glad we decided to take the kids. I can't imagine being there without them! There were many activities during the day. There was a perfect pool area for kids, playgrounds, an area full of bikes of all sizes. At night they have two large fire pits for...S'MORES! Yummy. They also have a movie theater and were playing Monsters Inc. We tried, but if you know our children (mostly Emma) if there is a "bad" character a movie or a book has no chance with us. We were out after about 10minutes. Anyway, great place and we will be back!
Have a beautiful Wednesday!