Friday, August 24, 2007

Lose Yourself

Ok, you have to copy this and paste it to your browser. May seem like a lot of trouble, but you will thank me when it's over.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I LOVE my Kids!!

I love my kids. I love all the unique~ness of each of them.
I love that, before bed, if Jacob finds ANY of Emma's things in his room he grabs it all and promptly goes to throw it in Emma's.
I love that every night as we are leaving Emma's room, she flashes me the "I Love You" sign and says, "I love you and Goodnight!". Every night. I love it.
I love the way she seems so grown up by her vocabulary and mannerisms, but looks so very tiny in her big bed.
I love that she will still occassionally as us to hold her in public. She is growing up, but still so young.
I love that Jacob absolutely has to have me hold him when we are crossing the street. Somehow, by the Grace of God, fear of the street is in him. I am glad for that.
I love that Jacob runs through our house with Emma's dress~up heels on and tells me that he is Cinderella. I
love that he also can dribble a soccer ball like a true professional.
I love that Emma has hazel eyes and Jacob's are the bluest blue, and that they both have beautiful sand~colored hair.
I love that when we go out to eat, on occassion, people have stopped by our table to tell me how well mannered our children are. (If you have children, you know why I love that so much!)
I love that they adore little babies. They can't keep their little hands off of them...I see that as a good thing and not a bad one. I foresee Emma being the perfect little mommy and Jacob being the greatest dad.
I love that Jacob's laugh can make the hardest day ever the most treasured day ever. His laugh is contagious I promise. I dare you to listen to it and not find yourself joining in.
I love that Emma has a love for people. I love that when she meets a stranger she will later ask me if I think they know Jesus. I love what God is doing in her heart.
I love that both of my children can tell you the capitol of Alabama and Alaska, along with state birds and that Alabama has iron and steele as natural resources and that Alaska is the biggest state. (Those are the only two states we have learned so far, but they were truly learned!)
I love that Emma loves school and that Jacob seems fearful. His fear reminds me that he is comfortable at home and that he is still so very new at this "life" thing.
I love that they are both napping at this very moment.
I love that as I read my bible this morning, Emma asked me what I was learning from it.
I love that Jacob can sing all the songs from "Diego" and "WonderPets".
I love that both Emma and Jacob love to read.
I love that both Emma and Jacob love to paint.
I love that Emma finds great joy in helping her brother do certain tasks like unbuckle his seat belt, put the straw in his juice bag, wash his hair, change his clothes, tell him big boys go poopie in the potty, get on his swing and take care of baby dolls.
I love that when Jacob wakes up he cries...moreover, what I love is that when I ask him why he is crying he always says, "want you, mommy."
I love that God has provided a way for me to stay home with these children and experience these things everyday for myself.
I love that because of Emma and Jacob (and David of course!) I have had one of the best summers ever!
What did I do to deserve these little gifts? Some days I feel so unworthy. They are so incredibly dear to my heart and I don't want to mess up as a mom. I know I will as I am human, but it breaks my heart to think about it. God is so Good to bless us with Emma and Jacob. I pray these little ones will be established in righteousness(Isaiah 54: 13) and find their confidence not in David or me, but in God(Psalm78:7). They are true blessings.

Can you see her flashing the "sign"?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by the beautiful Mrs. Kersey...thanks Kristi!

The Rules:
1. Post the rules
2. List 8 random facts or habits about yourself.
3. If you are tagged, then you must Post the rules and list 8 random facts or habits about yourself.
4. After you post, tag 8 people and let them know they must read your blog for the rules.

1. Apparently I am allergic to EVERYTHING outside in the state of Texas! Last Tuesday, I had the equivalent of one year's worth of shots in ONE day! (I "qualified" for this because my allergies and asthma are bad.)

2. I have had about 5 concussions. One severe, leaving me in the Stephenville hospital for about one week. Go on say it, "Now we know what happened to you!". I was the only girl in our family until my cousin Lara was born when I was 18. Growing up, I did what the boys did! (I paid for it too!)

3. I LOVE medical stuff. I was a retinal surgeon's assistant before having our beautiful children and I absolutely loved my job. I worked beside an incredible, God loving doctor and it was a complete blessing everyday. I want to go back when the kids go to school!

4. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper, Coke and Sweet Tea. I can't get enough. There have been times when I decide I am going to stop...and I do, but eventually I hit the goods again. It's just good stuff to me.

5. I went to Brazil for 2weeks on a mission trip and that is the furthest I have ever been from home. Trip was great fascinating. The people were amazing. They had nothing, literally nothing but Jesus. The smiles on their faces were worth all the diamonds in the world. They have the joy of Jesus. The richest joy there is.

6. I have fear issues that should have me in counseling. Not sure why I am not. I am afraid of tons of things. Rational, irrational, you name it and it is probably a fear of mine. Since I have had children this fear has only heightened.

7. I knew I was going to marry David when I got home from our first date. I was living with my Granny. She stayed up until I got home. When I walked in the door and sat down, she said, "Well?" and I replied, "I just went on my first date with my future husband!" We laughed and giggled until late at night...7months later David and I were engaged!

8. The Coke bottle glasses that the others have talked about? Me too. Thick ones. Since the age of 5. Ugh. No way possible to look cute with Coke bottle glasses and buck teeth that look 20 times too big. Sad.

That is it! Hope that was fun...Heather, Kim, Brittani and Jesika~ You're it!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

What a two-year-old boy thinks is cute:

We just got in from swimming. Aaahhhh, the joys of the bright hot sun, the brilliant blue water and the smell of sunscreen on your children's bodies. I love it. I love summer.
When we got in Jacob told me that he had to go "tee-tee". He is trying and doing a very good job at potty training. He went, got his four M&M's and then went to get a new pull-up for himself. I went into my bedroom to change out of my swimsuit. I hear Jacob say, "oh, this is not a new one." Hmmm, I wonder what he meant? I continue to get dressed, then find Jacob in the kitchen saying, " ooohhh, you are soooo cuuuute!" My friends, he is talking to the tiniest little poop ball that is on our kitchen floor. Apparently, he put on a new pull-up, pooped in it, put that one in the trash, and got another one all in the short time I was changing my clothes. And there was an escapee...a very tiny, "cute" escapee. It was funny. And not so cute to me:)
Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I love the "cottage" look. I even like the word "cottage". I have added some links to the blog that have great cottage finds and homes. Take a look if you get the chance. A nice gift for your eyes, if this is your thing. Great places to get some ideas. If anyone wants to go Flea Marketing at any given time to look for a fantastic find, just call me...I'll be ready!