Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Taco Tuesday!

This will probably be the most random and boring post ever! Every Tuesday we go to Rosa's for tacos. "Tuesdays were made for Tacos!" That is something our family looks forward to. So, below is a picture of the family before devouring our tacos.
You will also find a picture of our son standing on his stool. Clad only in a diaper and his sandals, he is pushing the buttons of our coffee maker. I was wondering about a week ago why that clock was off all the time. Now, we know.
And lastly, there is a photo of my Friday roses after they bloomed. They really are much prettier than the picture allows. (These pictures are not in order of description...sorry!)
Have a Happy Taco Tuesday!

Jacob changing the time on the coffee maker. We had no clue he was doing this!

How my Friday Roses look on Tuesday!

Our Family. Poor Jacob, he was ready for some TACOS!


Them Chandlers said...

I love reading your blog :)

cassie said...

I love your family...and reading your blog is such a blessing. Deedra and i just sat in the office laughing at you last post about Emma's dinner time prayer. Thank you for sharing your life!

David said...

I am laughing all over again at the prayer! If you could have seen the drama(which I do hesitate to say "drama" in regard to Emma praying) but her hands in the air, her eyes closed and the inflection in her voice was priceless. I am sure you have the picture in your head!
We love you too!