Friday, May 11, 2007

Did someone say "Spray Park"?

So, this morning I was taking the kids for a walk and our final destination was going to be our neighborhood park. Well, there is the funnest little spray park very close to this park. The kids took one look at all of the kids playing and screaming with laughter and they were done. So we hiked back to our house, loaded up a little cooler, put on our sunscreen and swimsuits and headed to the water! Our kids had so much fun. That, my friends, is our newest hang~out. If you can't find us on a sunny day, we will be there! Enjoy the pictures:) I will also add some pictures from Emma's Birthday Blessing at school. At chapel, their sweet director prays a special prayer for the children on their birthday. Emma will turn four June 5th, so the last chapel included all the summer birthdays. It is always so sweet and Emma loved it.

Sweet fun.

So excited I think she is gonna burst!

Emma and Jacob's new friend.

The look on his face is just funny to me!

Jacob and Emma going to school
Emma's Birthday Blessing

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