Monday, April 9, 2007

What is with this cold weather? I can't wait for summer!! I know some people may think I am crazy to be wishing for summer in Texas, but I am. So is Emma. She despises long sleeves! We will have some pretty heated arguments about her having to wear a long sleeved shirt in 30degree weather. Poor thing! What a sad thing to argue about. Does anyone else have these situations with their 3-4 year old girls? Much drama in this house! From sleeves to ponytails, there is an opinion, and heaven forbid I say anything opposite of her strong opinion! Tears may come flowing from eyes that were just laughing in extreme silliness! I am already praying for the teenage years!!!
Jacob is soundly sleeping and in about 20 minutes I will have to wake him. We will go pick Emma up from school and then eat Macaroni and Cheese. That, my friends, is what she informed me she wanted for lunch, as she was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast.

Macaroni and Cheese as promised!! (Notice the short sleeves:))
Jacob is happy with his lunch too!


Them Chandlers said...

We have the same issue except that Audrey prefers to wear skirts or dresses instead of pants. This means we have a LOT of tights to choose from!

Nikki said...

Our girls are very much into dresses since falling head over heels for the Sound of not only does Aubrey refuse to wear anything that will keep her warm...they're all sundresses!!! I humored her and let her wear it until it was time to leave today and then had her change.....waging war with the tear factor. We got all loaded up only to discover she had changed herself BACK into the sundress she had on and buckled herself up ready to go! Needless to say the pics of her w/ everybody else dressed for the weather look a little ridiculous!!