Monday, October 31, 2011

A Princess, a Cowboy and a Chicken...

All the babes are tucked sweetly into their beds. Visions of M&Ms, Hershey bars, and lolipops dancing in their heads.
I cooked a yummy lasagna for dinner. Sounded just perfect for a night of Trick'or'Treating. While it was cooking, the big kids and I made cakeballs and crack, I mean Apple Crackle. (recipe in previous post)

We have the sweetest neighborhood. Seriously, the sweetest neighborhood. We have been blessed with amazing neighbors. If we ever move, it will be super sad to leave these people. Let's not even go there.

A gaggle of neighbors and their children all ventured out to see if we could indeed overload on sugar.
*Did you know that a "gaggle" is a "disorderly or noisy group of people"? I didn't either! I knew it meant a flock of geese, and I was being silly by using that word. But upon looking it up, I found how truly appropriate the word really was:)

A little known fact about my kids' chosen costumes: They already had everything you see them wearing! Ben, the little chicken, is wearing the same chicken costume that Emma wore when she was his age. The same chicken costume that Jacob wore as well. I LoVe it when something pays off like that chicken costume! Emma's beautiful princess dress is the same one seen here. Yes people, that was in 2008. And sweet Jacob decided he just wanted to be a Cowboy, as he "basically already is a cowboy anyway". Hmm, yea, ok!

Here are some pictures to document our fun night...Enjoy!
Apple Crackle and EyeBall~CakeBalls

This is as SpOoKy as it gets over here!

Our crew...Love them! (Ben is chowing down on a cake ball!)

My Cowboy

Sweet Chick

Please...don't ever grow up!

Enter precious neighbor friends:)

Here come two more...

Minnie did NOT want her picture taken! Carrie, I want to see your picture!!

Typical of each child. Notice Ben is eating a RingPop:)


Bye! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Love the costumes! Your children are so adorable! -Alisha

Anonymous said...

Love them! What great Cake balls!!

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun...just like last year Trick or Treating with the Campbells!!! Thanks for the yummy treats too!