Saturday, October 29, 2011

Love These Lil' Pumpkins

Tummy bug of '11 hit our home. Ugh. When you have three little ones, you are just praying and praying that it stops on the first child. Only to find yourself praying that it doesn't hit the third. Only to find yourself on your knees praying it doesn't hit YOU...I.Hate.Throw-up.

When the kids were not throwing up, they felt great. Today we decided it would be best not to go to church and share our yucky germs with sweet friends. We are all about sharing, but not tummy bugs. No, thank you.

So we bought some adorable pie pumpkins and painted them. The kids had a blast until they went crazy thinking they were famous French artists and started slapping their brushes FULL of paint all around. Yep, it ended then.

The famous French artists' results:
My sweet Jacob

Joyful Emma

If you only knew!

This child was a HUGE mess...and I love it!

He looks like he is concentrating. He kept saying, "I need quite a bit more brown.":)

My sweet girl and me.
Getting near the finale...the messy finale!

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