Friday, August 3, 2007

What a two-year-old boy thinks is cute:

We just got in from swimming. Aaahhhh, the joys of the bright hot sun, the brilliant blue water and the smell of sunscreen on your children's bodies. I love it. I love summer.
When we got in Jacob told me that he had to go "tee-tee". He is trying and doing a very good job at potty training. He went, got his four M&M's and then went to get a new pull-up for himself. I went into my bedroom to change out of my swimsuit. I hear Jacob say, "oh, this is not a new one." Hmmm, I wonder what he meant? I continue to get dressed, then find Jacob in the kitchen saying, " ooohhh, you are soooo cuuuute!" My friends, he is talking to the tiniest little poop ball that is on our kitchen floor. Apparently, he put on a new pull-up, pooped in it, put that one in the trash, and got another one all in the short time I was changing my clothes. And there was an escapee...a very tiny, "cute" escapee. It was funny. And not so cute to me:)
Have a great day!


Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Ok-that is FUNNY! (wouldn't be so funny if I was the one cleaning it up, I'm sure:) We are going to start potty training soon, so we can swap horror stories! Love ya.

Kristi said...

you have been tagged... check my blog for the details. we need to get togther soon... looks like we are moving the 1st of september! and, oh my goodness, jacob! what a funny little guy!

Amanda said...

That is one of the funniest things I've ever heard! I have so much to look forward to!

It was great meeting you at the pool today. I wish I could have visited more, but I am always on edge with my little water conquistador. He tends to get water in his mouth and blow chunks in the water, and I desperately didn't want that to happen today. It's so fun that Sunni got to meet her first neighbor through the blog world!

christa said...

I don't get it.... what's not cute about crap on the kitchen floor?