Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by the beautiful Mrs. Kersey...thanks Kristi!

The Rules:
1. Post the rules
2. List 8 random facts or habits about yourself.
3. If you are tagged, then you must Post the rules and list 8 random facts or habits about yourself.
4. After you post, tag 8 people and let them know they must read your blog for the rules.

1. Apparently I am allergic to EVERYTHING outside in the state of Texas! Last Tuesday, I had the equivalent of one year's worth of shots in ONE day! (I "qualified" for this because my allergies and asthma are bad.)

2. I have had about 5 concussions. One severe, leaving me in the Stephenville hospital for about one week. Go on say it, "Now we know what happened to you!". I was the only girl in our family until my cousin Lara was born when I was 18. Growing up, I did what the boys did! (I paid for it too!)

3. I LOVE medical stuff. I was a retinal surgeon's assistant before having our beautiful children and I absolutely loved my job. I worked beside an incredible, God loving doctor and it was a complete blessing everyday. I want to go back when the kids go to school!

4. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper, Coke and Sweet Tea. I can't get enough. There have been times when I decide I am going to stop...and I do, but eventually I hit the goods again. It's just good stuff to me.

5. I went to Brazil for 2weeks on a mission trip and that is the furthest I have ever been from home. Trip was great fascinating. The people were amazing. They had nothing, literally nothing but Jesus. The smiles on their faces were worth all the diamonds in the world. They have the joy of Jesus. The richest joy there is.

6. I have fear issues that should have me in counseling. Not sure why I am not. I am afraid of tons of things. Rational, irrational, you name it and it is probably a fear of mine. Since I have had children this fear has only heightened.

7. I knew I was going to marry David when I got home from our first date. I was living with my Granny. She stayed up until I got home. When I walked in the door and sat down, she said, "Well?" and I replied, "I just went on my first date with my future husband!" We laughed and giggled until late at night...7months later David and I were engaged!

8. The Coke bottle glasses that the others have talked about? Me too. Thick ones. Since the age of 5. Ugh. No way possible to look cute with Coke bottle glasses and buck teeth that look 20 times too big. Sad.

That is it! Hope that was fun...Heather, Kim, Brittani and Jesika~ You're it!!!


Canterburys said...

Hurry back to work! I'm back 2 days (in the morning only) and it would be just like old time! And I remember your first date with David..and when you found out you were pregnant with Emma! Lots of good memories!!

Kimmy said...

I learned so many new things about you... you are such a girl to be around SO many boys! What a neat fact -- and I mean "such a girl" in a really good way - not bad... but that must be the athlete in you! All those injuries... I LOVE Dr. Pepper, too... I have not had any in SO long... ~ kim

Lauren said...

Aww...I love the story of yours and David's first date!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

So nice to meet you today at the pool! And I do believe I called you Mary & Terry. Apparently, I need my hearing checked. I'm so sorry...I promise I'll call you by your REAL name from now on!

Sorry we left without saying goodbye. We were at the other end giving the kids sippy cups, and then we hung out there until we feared Jackson & Ava were about to "hit a wall" and we left immediately. But Ava says thank you to Emma & Jacob for sharing the piggies!

1. Where is that precious preschool? I love the birthday blessing.

2. I laughed so hard at Emma's prayer for all of you to "die quickly."

3. Adorable pictures of the kids and you and David.

4. We love Taco Tuesdays too.

We must meet at the pool or spray park again before summer is over. Or even Rosa's! My email is xslazo@aol.com