Friday, July 6, 2007

Emma's Belated Birthday Blog...

Sweet Emma,

You are a dream. You amaze your daddy and me with your mind. You understand so much about this world that we are still trying to comprehend as adults. Your faith is beautiful. We dream of having such faith in God like you do. You are loved by all who meet you. You do not know a stranger. If there is someone around that you have never met, you are quick to greet them and ask them about their life...and ask them if they know Jesus. Beautiful.
God made you with the prettiest "sand" colored hair. You want it to be as long as your friend Miriam's...her's is "so long it touches her bottom". Your sweet eyes are a perfect hazel. You change your clothes about five times a day. Probably just a glimpse of what life will be like when you are a teenager. Speaking of which, you can't wait to be a teenager! If you see an older child you always ask me if they might be a teenager. You tell me quite often, that you dream of being a mommy just like me. That makes me smile from my eyes to my toes! Being your mommy is one of the greatest dreams come true! You love your brother with a love like no other. When he wakes up in the morning, YOU are the one he wants to see first. Not mommy or daddy, he wants to know where YOU are:) You are so loved by everyone in this family and I hope you truly feel it. We are so extremely blessed to have shared the last 4 years with you and we can not wait to see how God blesses us with you in the years ahead. We love you Emma Campbell!!

Audrey, Sarah, Emma and Miriam...the girls quickly took off all party attire and got into their swimsuits!Cutie Reid with pink baby stroller...he will be a great dad!Lauren, this is Emma's Favorite gift! She loves it!Sarah having a little fun with the spray toy.
They look like they are up to something!

This is just funny...Sarah running through the water.
See Miriam's long hair? It is beautiful!

Our little dare-devil...he has no fear!


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Dear Emma: We're sorry we missed your party. Was it WAY fun or what? Now that we live far away we never get to see you but we miss you TONS! Happy Birthday Emma!!! Tell your mommy, "Way to go updating her blog TWICE in one week!" Your Floridian friends, Lexi & Ashton

Them Chandlers said...

So sad we missed the spray park...but so glad we made the party!! Thank you for inviting us! Great pictures :)

Kimmy said...

what a fun cake... Happy Late Bday Emma... Keri, you look like a Barbie Doll in that picture...! So pretty! ~ Kim