Friday, July 11, 2008

If you have been blogging for a while, or know someone who has, you may have come to know how small this world really is. My friend Brittani wrote a great post on this here. She is much more talented than I in the realm of writing.

While at the pool the other day, I met a cute mom and her precious boy. Have you ever had the feeling that you "know" someone that you just met? I kinda felt that way when I met Laurie. Honestly, I thought I recognized her as a speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries, but I just wasn't sure. When I got home, I googled her name and found that she is the author of the blog Tip Junkie. Not only do I love this blog, but I used a "tip" from it just a couple weeks ago for Emma's birthday party. How fun to learn that Laurie and her family live in our neighborhood.

Now for the sad part. Laurie posted about our meeting on her personal blog. She also put a link to mine. For all the readers that are here via Laurie's blog, I am sincerely sorry. I am boring. I am not a talented writer at all. I hope that you are not so extremely outraged by reading this blog that you go back and write profanities on her's:)

Welcome, nonetheless. This is who I am and who my beautiful family is. I am blessed beyond words and hope that my blog conveys that!


Crazymamaof6 said...

hey, I'm over from Laurie's blog! what a funny situation meeting her , and then realizing you know her blog! your kids are DARLING!
so just letting you know i came, i saw, and i commented! have a FABULOUS DAY!

Elizabeth said...

I so can not believe you got to meet Laurie! That is WAY COOL!!! I am being part of her 20 days birthday giveaway on Tuesday. I am so JEALOUS!!! Too cool, too cool!!

btw~I don't think your boring, I miss you a lot and all the laughing we did!!

Kirstin said...

Well I did find you via Lauries blog, but I don't think you're boring. How cool to meet a fellow blogger. I would love that (C:
I love your background and pics.I usually think I'm pretty boring myself...we're our own worst critics.