Monday, September 10, 2007


Are playdates for the kids or the moms? I am pretty sure they are just as much for mommies as the kids. I love having friends come over with their little ones. It is great to chat and discover the similarities that motherhood brings. It is also interesting to see the kids in different stages of life.
Today we had a fun playdate with Brittani, Park, Sunni and Ava. I am so thankful these ladies live near me! They are awesome and full of great information.:) They know of some great places to get fun, more importantly inexpensive, things for your home. We MUST go shopping soon!
Thanks girls for coming over with your beautiful children. I truly am so thankful that God placed you so close to me.
Children are such a blessing and we are thankful for the added blessing of playdates!


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I know...I feel so blessed to have met you two and your precious kids! Thanks for having was so fun! Sorry we had some spewage on your carpet & couch!

Brittani's Holding Little Hands said... girls are awesome and I always have a blast hanging out with you. And can I just say that Emma CRACKS me up. You should rent her out for parties! Home decor here we come:) Love you.

christa said...

I want to go shopping with you guys. I need fun cheap stuff too (: